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Grief isn't just for death but also when one losses their job, experience or anything significant to them.

What is Depression?

With all the demands of life today, we sometimes feel hopeless and we question ourselves and wonder if we are still happy with our lives. Depression is a mood disorder, and we sometimes confuse it with just feeling down. It can be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interferes with one’s daily functioning.

What causes Depression?


Lack of emotional support


Loss of 

Do I have depression? 

This are some of this symptoms you may experience if you are grieving:


Feeling guilty


Loss of interest

Decrease energy 


Thoughts of suicide

Sleep Disturbance 

Changes in appetite 

How does therapy help?

Our experienced therapist will explore with you on what you are going through and help you find solutions on how you can manage your symptoms. Through therapy, you will be able to uncover the triggers that is making you feel depressed and learn healthy coping techniques that you can use to deal with the issue. 

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